Surgical Guides – Get the Inside Scoop




Innovations in the dental world are on a fast track, with new technologies and products continuously revolutionizing care.  Incredible breakthroughs like dental implant surgical guides help your practice stay up to date when offering dental implant services to your patients.

As you know, innovative implant surgical guides allow for surgical processes to be completed faster than ever before. At Precision Guided Surgery, we now are making Pterygoid and Zygoma surgical guides. We also produce solid surgical models for these cases. These specialized guides render accurate placement and peace of mind for both you and your patients!

In conclusion, Precision Guided Surgery is proud to announce the availability of our new Pterygoid and Zygoma surgical guides. With our extensive knowledge and advanced technology, we are constantly striving to simplify implant surgery while also creating a safe environment for all parties involved.  

We understand that accuracy and speed are vital in any surgical procedure. If you’d like to learn more about our innovative products, please don’t hesitate to contact us! With Precision Guided Surgery as your partner, you can be assured that patient safety will always be top priority.

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