Mobile CBCT Scans

CBCT scans provide a much clearer and accurate image of your teeth than regular dental x-rays. This is because CBCTs take 3-dimensional images that can be rotated to create a virtual model of the inside of your mouth.

It’s important for dentists to see these models, as it helps them identify problems with bone placement or jaw alignment, which may not be visible through traditional x-rays. The best part about CBCT scans is that they don’t require any sedation or anesthesia!

Precsion Guded Surgery (PGS) provides scanning and treatment planning services for stress free, cost effective, accurate and predictable dental surgical procedures. Scan time is quick (18-26 sec), and the Scan is provided in a state of the art mobile facility.

Our imaging technologist will accommodate to your individual technical needs to optimize desired results at minimal radiation exposure. PGS will provide you with the ability to take a CBCT scan at your office, with an imaging technologist you will get to know, who will guide you and work with you to achieve the most accurate treatment and predictable results for your surgical procedures.

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